“SUNDER EDUCATION SOCIETY” was established in memory of Late Mr. SUNDER RAJ. He was a loving son, father, a brother & a friend. He involved himself in many selfless acts and one of it was to educate people. As all believe that good memories are short lived, he met with an accident in the vicinity of Bangalore and we lost “HIM” forever.


D.RAVINDRANATH one of his brothers formed a Society and started ‘THIS’ institution to continue the deeds that the latter started. In the year 1981, he established a school and called it S.E.S. ENGLISH SCHOOL and has been serving education to many ever since.

The school started off in a small way and today it stands as a school that has been RECOGNISED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF KARNATAKA as English being the medium of instruction.

Under the banner “SUNDER EDUCATION SOCIETY”, we have categorized and call them “S.E.S. PRIMARY SCHOOL” & “S.E.S. HIGH SCHOOL”.


The institution was created in the interest of helping the children to grow and develop their inherent talents and installing in them a sense of righteousness, discipline, and duty to neighborhood and The Motherland. We are proud to say that we have accomplished it till date and will continue to do so.

The Society believes in excellence and rewarding the deserving. Equal attention and importance is given to fitness and cultural activities along with Education. We organize Annual Day, Sports Day and Annual trips to different destinations as a part of the curriculum. A talent that may be hidden in the field of sports, drawing, and stage shows, quizzes, we step forward to support and nurture them. The school has contacts with other N.G.O’s who conduct inter-school competition for general knowledge & for which a few students have won scholarships too.

The students who score more than 85% (Distinction) in their S.S.L.C (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) Board Examination have been receiving gifts from The School and its well wishers as a token of encouragement on the following Annual Day Programme. The students have been performing and out-beat their own records. A chart is displayed in this regard for your information…

We would also like to talk about the medical checkup camps that the school conducts on a regular basis with help of doctors willing to provide service in schools for every individual student to recognize or avoid any abnormalities at an earlier stage.